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NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Sloka Chandrasekaran97100.0%2023-11-02 21:36:28
2. kendell6996.65%2023-10-06 23:03:54
3. Valor S67100.0%2023-10-03 03:28:56
4. Jordan Patterson5995.48%2023-10-13 20:13:51
5. Gabriel Juan-Hernandez56100.0%2023-10-26 09:13:39
6. Noah Tilka5491.78%2023-10-25 12:03:07
7. Kandyn Lents48100.0%2023-10-06 10:08:01
8. Arcadio Rosas46100.0%2023-10-25 09:31:49
9. Robert Holzbach4699.14%2023-10-19 11:28:02
10. GARRETTSON BARRETO-CABALLEROS44100.0%2023-11-08 14:39:00
11. Lessly Garza4292.17%2023-11-21 10:24:01
12. Bryan Ramos4284.0%2023-10-31 15:13:57
13. Andrew Santiago4164.78%2023-10-06 17:31:40
14. Nixon Harris4092.66%2023-10-24 16:02:12
15. Harrison Dodson3697.8%2023-11-28 09:13:15
16. Kyng Lykes-Sackel3696.74%2023-11-11 15:02:38
17. Jaiden Crisp3687.25%2023-10-13 17:54:30
18. Gracie Ruiz Deporras3657.05%2023-10-05 16:28:24
19. Luca Schmittou34100.0%2023-11-20 09:14:47
20. Melissa Suarez Barcenas3497.73%2023-11-02 12:34:11
21. Gerardo Alaniz3277.88%2023-10-27 15:04:16
22. Kaidan Sprague3247.31%2023-10-01 12:15:50
23. Nathan Shalkham3179.59%2023-10-12 20:53:28
24. William Miller309.44%2023-11-08 07:45:12
25. William Caceres Funez2776.14%2023-11-06 14:36:45
26. ELIZABETH GONZALEZ2686.67%2023-10-29 20:31:18
27. Ra'Niyah Jones2493.75%2023-11-28 13:35:51
28. Shawn Hamlett24100.0%2023-10-26 09:58:01
29. Hashir Khan22100.0%2023-10-24 17:48:26
30. CARMELLO DEKANE2290.32%2023-10-18 09:03:55
31. Delani Fisher2189.83%2023-10-27 11:30:45
32. Jayce hollifield19100.0%2023-11-03 15:13:08
33. Joshua Biles1992.16%2023-11-01 10:11:58
34. YODEN ARIAS1997.96%2023-10-20 17:37:16
35. Aiden Ward1893.75%2023-11-06 12:09:48
36. Logan Huggins1893.75%2023-11-03 12:53:44
37. Lucian Roberts1688.64%2023-11-09 10:58:49
38. Jared Shen1575.51%2023-11-04 13:58:18
39. Sofia Martinez-Espinoza1426.67%2023-11-03 14:00:32
40. Chandon Perez1328.45%2023-11-15 16:36:47
41. Esoj Vilchez12100.0%2023-11-02 19:26:49
42. Saleill Bhagwat1150.0%2023-11-03 15:38:07
43. Braxten Mullins106.55%2023-11-15 15:14:58
44. Leopoldo Lopez Arevalos1011.3%2023-10-12 19:30:14
45. Adrian Marshall1078.79%2023-10-12 18:12:36
46. KARTISH NEELAVANEN94.34%2023-11-04 06:47:04
47. Josiah Richardson9100.0%2023-10-10 10:49:13
48. kenrik1gamer83.63%2023-10-11 19:44:11
49. Quennisha Boyd794.74%2023-11-27 01:49:29
50. dominic hird7100.0%2023-10-05 19:59:44
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Jordan Patterson5294.89%2023-10-13 20:13:51
2. Lessly Garza4096.62%2023-11-21 10:24:01
3. Kandyn Lents2596.12%2023-10-06 10:08:01
4. Luca Schmittou24100.0%2023-11-20 09:14:47
5. Leopoldo Lopez Arevalos1978.05%2023-10-12 19:30:14
6. Quennisha Boyd14100.0%2023-11-27 01:49:29
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Jordan Patterson5296.21%2023-10-13 20:13:51
2. Kandyn Lents21100.0%2023-10-06 10:08:01
3. Thabit Boufaied18100.0%2023-10-13 16:22:50
4. Melissa Suarez Barcenas1111.06%2023-11-02 12:34:11
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Ra'Niyah Jones3199.03%2023-11-28 13:35:51
2. ELIZABETH GONZALEZ3198.73%2023-10-29 20:31:18
3. Kandyn Lents2093.93%2023-10-06 10:08:01
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Ra'Niyah Jones2199.62%2023-11-28 13:35:51
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. ELIZABETH GONZALEZ1485.69%2023-10-29 20:31:18
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
NameWPMAccuracyLast Login
1. Gerzhia Cox1495.27%2023-10-17 09:12:29
2. Quennisha Boyd1069.15%2023-11-27 01:49:29

How To Increase Your Typing Speed

Increasing your typing speed involves more than just practicing. Improving your typing speed requires proper training and testing in a controlled platform. The typing test platform will provide a safe, controlled, and productive platform where you can effectively learn and increase your typing speed. Let’s begin with a few beginner exercises and then advance to advanced practices. Visit another spacebar counter tool that allows you to increase the speed of your spacebar button.

Exercises That Can Improve Typing Skills

Follow these steps to start beginner exercises that will help you increase your typing skill.

  • Enter https://spacebarcounter.org/typingtest
  • Start some beginner exercises by typing slowly and deliberately.
  • Use exactly one space between each word and one space after every punctuation.
  • Try typing the passage without looking at your hands too much.
  • Try typing as many words as possible without making any mistakes.
  • Also, keep an eye on the letters that give you a little trouble while typing. Suppose you want to press the key “O” instead of pressing “I.” These keys are very close to one another, and chances are you may press one over the other.
  • Also, take breaks to ensure you don’t get fatigued.
  • As you continue, start typing faster and see how fast you can get before you make too many errors.
  • Now, hold that speed and keep typing.
  • Once you are comfortable with that speed, try to increase your speed again.

These beginner exercises will help you build a solid typing experience that will help you.

Typing Test Keyboard - spacebarcounter.org/typingtest

Advanced Typing Practices That You Should Adopt

Here are some of the advanced typing practices that you should adopt in your day-to-day practices.

Don’t Take a Peek at Your Keyboard

Many people take a peek at their keyboard while typing, and that’s not a good thing if you aim to increase typing speed. Try not to look at your keyboard while typing. Typing without taking your eyes off the screen will allow you to type more accurately and precisely in the long run. Initially, you may take a few peaks while typing, but your goal should be to type without looking at the keyboard as you improve.

Refresh The Webpage Every Once in a While

Writing new passages is essential for increasing your typing speed. Typing the same passage, again and again, may provide you with placebo speed gains, which we actively discourage. That’s why typing speed test provides various passages for writers to practice upon. So, refresh the webpage, and you will automatically be provided new passages.

Set Specific Goals and Timers

Typingtest allows you to set specific timers for your goals. As you practice, your goal would be to decrease the time needed to write each passage. You can choose from pre-defined timers or set a custom timer yourself.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

All these advanced practices are fine, but the practice is the key at the end of the day. So, get out of your comfort zone and start practicing the different passages with typing club.

How Our Online Typing Test is Better Than Others

Our typing test allows new writers to practice and increase their typing speed. It uses cutting-edge tools such as AI-generated passages that are generated automatically for every user on the platform. Every passage that gets generated will be unique. Typing test platform also allows you to choose from any pre-defined timer or even a custom timer. As you type, it also shows you the number of words or characters you type, also known as WPM or CPM. It will also show you if you make any errors. It makes an audible tone every time you make an error.

Practice Your Typing Skills

As of now, you have learned both the beginner exercises as well as the advanced ones. It’s time to put your skills to practice with typing speed test. But before you start, let’s tell you that you will make mistakes, but that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s how you learn. The key here is that you don’t quit. Keep practicing and keep improving.

Set a definite goal, set the timer, and get going. If you find it boring and want to get more competitive, you can invite your friends into the platform and compete against each other. Check who makes the best score and make it your goal to beat them. Beat everyone above your score until you are at the top. It’s not going to happen in a day or not, but if you give it enough time and practice, nothing’s impossible.

Typing Test Ranking

If you have gone through the Typing speed test, that is, you have to make Great WPM in a given interval of time using our tool.

Your score will be shown on the screen about how you have performed in the test, and this scorecard is known as the Typingtest ranking.

In this ranking, you will be get to see the result based upon your performance.

1. Turtle Rank:

If your WPM Score is between 1 to 20, your ranking will be a Turtle.

2. Rabbit Rank:

You need to be a little fast to get this ranking. If your WPM Score is between 21 to 40, your ranking will be Rabbit.

3. Deer Rank:

This ranking is higher than Rabbit Rank. You must WPM Score is 41 to 60 to get a Deer ranking.

4. Tiger Rank:

If your WPM Score is between 61 to 80, it is Tiger ranking.

5. Leopard Rank:

This ranking will be given to those who is extremely fast at WPM Score is more than 80 times per Minute. It means your ranking is the Leopard.

This is ranking will be given based on your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) related to Typing Test.

1. How to use typing tests?

Set your desired timer. Then take a quick look at the passage and start typing. As you start typing, the timer will activate. Based on how fast and accurately you type, you will get a score in WPM or CPM.

2. Can you set custom timers for a specific goal in typing club?

Yes, you can. If the usual timer of 15, 20, 30 sec, and so on is not your desire, set a custom timer by clicking on “Set Timer.” After that, input your desired timer and click on Set Timer. The timer wouldn’t start until you start typing.

3. How would you know if you made errors while typing?

You will hear an audible tone every time you make an error. You can also see your error counter on the screen, but we advise you to keep your focus on writing and check for errors later.

4. How hard are the passages in typing test?

The passages provided by typing tests are based on standard US English and are very good for people who plan to improve their typing speed.

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