Dinosaur Runner Game

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dinosaur game dinosaur game

Dinosaur is a game built and launched by Google for the chrome browser. Dinosaur is one of the legendry games that is quite familiar to us. The most interesting thing about this game is it does not require the internet to play dinosaur games. This game is one of the best pass-time entertainment while having trouble with internet access. It is compatible with every device, whether it is ios or android.

Once you reached the 700 points, the white graphics changed into the dark grey screen. This legend game was constructed in 2014 by the UX designer of chrome. You can play this at any time, and to do so, you have to type chrome://dino in the URL bar to open the game. The dinosaur game was released in Sept 2014 for the first time. This endless playing game has been played by 270 million people worldwide.

This game is popular by many nicknames amongst its fan, such as T-Rex Game, Dino Dun, Chrome Dino, or Google Dinosaur game. Play this game for absolutely free on any device starting from mobile, tablet, or computer.

How to play a dinosaur game?

Playing dinosaur games is easy, and anyone with zero technical knowledge can enjoy this game. You can use the spacebar counter button- the big key on your keyboard to play this game or upper arrow key.

What is the highest score of the dinosaur game?

Well, it's a surprising fact about this game. As per the report, the highest number you can score is 99999 and when you reached this number, the game again reset the score at zero for you.

Who has created this iconic game?

Any one-person army does not make this game. This game is the collective success of Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan in 2014.

How to score 99999 in minimum time?

It's challenging and addictive at the same time. To score this iconic number, you must speed up your spacebar clicking. There is numerous online tool that lets you do that. Practice is the only key factor to help you achieve this massive score. Some innumerable people have already broken this record many times and reset their game to zero.

Moreover, many groups collectively conduct the program that invites game enthusiasts worldwide to play and break this game record.

The popularity of the game:

We have already discussed that more than 270 million people have played the game and this range of numbers is enough to give an idea about its popularity.

How much time does it take to beat the game?

You might be surprised to know this fact once the game developer said that it takes 17 million years to beat this iconic game—just a fun fact.

Final thought:

Dinosaur or the T rex game is amongst the most popular game, and it helps you enjoy your time when there is no internet.