About Us

We as a team continuously work very hard to make such a fun tool like Spacebar counter and Roller speed counter.

A spacebar counter is an online tool that will help to increase your area button speed.

Our tool is straightforward to handle, and anyone can access it with zero knowledge. To take the Space bar counter test user has to set a timer. There are so many timers from 1sec to 100sec in our tool. After selecting the timer, the user has to start hitting the spacebar until the timer stops and can check their score.

We have also added new tool called roller speed counter where user can check their scrollar speed.

You can utilize our spacebar counter to find how slow or quick you click your spacebar button and contrast them. We have a distinctive time-sensitive mode that you can pick as indicated by your preference on our site.

The primary purpose of our tool is to provide the platform or a system where users can practice to speed up their spacebar clicker.

We continuously work on giving the best to the gamers who go to our site to rehearse their clicking and, in the long run, speed up. We hope that you like our tool and Please continue to visit us.

If you have any query regarding this tool, you can always contact us. We will try to reply to you back as soon as possible. This space bar clicker tool would help you to know how many times you can press the spacebar button in a selective time.

Team www.spacebarcounter.org